Basic information  

The "Darkside Studios" (or "Alsion Studios") are not a commercial thing or company. It is not possible to make business bookings for money. This is just the private project studio of me and the band "Alsion". At the moment there are no commercial/professional services.
But I may be open for doing projects with other bands/musicians on a friendly manner.

  Darkside Studios
c/o Ingo Kolb
Hagenstraße 51
89520 Heidenheim
Alsion A Kingdom Beyond ... 2001 All recordings, Mix, Master
Killerpilze Von vorne durch die Punkallee 2004 Drumrecordings, Mix, Master
Alsion Back To The Kingdom 2006 All recordings, Mix, Master, Coverdesign- and Layout
Phallax The Chandler's Passion 2009 All recordings, Mix, Master
Alsion Human Blood 2010 All recordings, Mix, Master, Coverdesign- and Layout
V.A. Support Your Local Underground 1 2010 Master
Alsion From The Ashes (Video & Sampler contribution) 2014 All recordings, Mix, Video-Editing
Alsion Pale Shadows 2015 All recordings, Coverdesign- and Layout